Found in Latin as civĭcus, built on civis, which refers to the ‘citizen’, followed by the suffix -ic, in association with the Latin component -icus, in terms of relationship, thus encompassing all issues that interest and respond to the functioning and social coexistence, individual rights and responsibilities, guided by the legal system and projected in […]


We can observe the influence of the expressions of the medium French communicacion, ‘communication’, from the Latin wordss communicatio, communicatiōnis, built on the noun communis, which refers to “common” in allusion to information of character and public interest, composed by the prefix com-, understanding ‘agreement, union or meeting’, from the Indo-European root *ko, for the […]

Cynic and Cynicism

Wowinside Born in ancient Greece as a philosophical movement concieved by Antithenes (445-365 B.C.), and empowered by Diogenes (412-323 B.C.) Cynic responds to the Latin cynĭcus, from the Greek kynikós, referring to those who followed the teachings of Antisthenes, observing an important connotation to the physical space where they met, called Kynosarges, for silver dog, […]


Found in Latin as euphemismus based on the Greek euphēmismós, comprised of eu, which refers to the idea of good or correct behavior, based on the Indo-European *es-, for ‘being’, along with the component -phēm, for phēme, interpreted as ‘word’ or ‘speech’, associated with the verb phanai, for ‘speaking’, with roots in the Indo-European *bha-, […]


Traced back to French as didactique, in reference to Greek in didaktikós, an adjective that indicates the quality of knowing how to instruct, from the past participle didaktos, ‘taught’, with reference to the verb didaskein, for ‘to teach’, from the root in Indo-European *dens-, for ‘to learn’. Then, the -ico suffix intervenes, in the sense […]


In reference to the Latin plebiscītum, being interpreted as a decree or order, built on plebs, whose genitive is identified in plebis, observing that both forms refer to the word plebe, however, it is applied as a collective and not as the distinction of the low income group of society, with roots in the Indo-European […]

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