Etymology of Plebiscite

In reference to the Latin plebiscītum, being interpreted as a decree or order, built on plebs, whose genitive is identified in plebis, observing that both forms refer to the word plebe, however, it is applied as a collective and not as the distinction of the low income group of society, with roots in the Indo-European *ple-, associated with *pele-, for fulfill, and scītum, which refers specifically to the concept of a decree, linked to the verb sciscere, which derives from scire, interpreted as distinguishing, deciding or choosing based on knowledge, connected to the Indo-European *skei-, for to cut or to separate.

A plebiscite is to place a specific topic as a question mark before the whole of society in order to know the suffering of the majority, allowing the rulers to pave their way, whose result can be perceived as an unforeseen obstacle or a claim to power.

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