It is a reference to Harald Blatand (king of Denmark in 958, and later king of Norway in 976, given the transformations in the region at that time), a figure that became popular in the English language as Bluetooth, and thus the logo also responds to his initials, in characters called runes on the old […]


It is a term that reaches the public opinion between 2010-2013, becoming a legal element established in the criminal code of many countries, however, its conception goes back to the very beginning of the Internet in the late twentieth century, as a practice adopted by child predators in the new digital territory, becoming a growing […]


The word influencer finds reference in the English philosopher Henry More, who describes a figure of power in the religious sphere, in his book A Modest Inquiry Into The Mystery of Iniquity, from 1664. It is a composition governed by the verb to influence, given in Latin as influĕre, composed of the prefix in-, from […]


Rodnikovay The root on which the name and functioning is documented dates to December, 1974, in relation to the work titled Specification of Internet Transmission Control Program, RFC 675 (by Request for Comments), by the Stanford American researchers, Vinton Cerf (deservingly nicknamed “the father of the Internet”), Yogen Dalal and Carl Sunshine. Internet, whatever written […]


Commonly linked and mistakenly limited to the field of computer science (from a physical description for computers to a virtual description of the internet), with reference in the Greek technología associated with tecnológos, formed by téchnē, understanding the idea of art and ability, with roots in the Indo-European *teks-, ‘to build’ (in the same way […]


Although most people associate this term with characters from Scandinavian mythology (trolls), its etymology actually has to do with a fishing technique, given the assimilation that is made between “catching” a fish and “fishing.” an Internet user using direct confrontation, insult and humiliation as bait. The aforementioned fishing technique, called trolling, consists of dragging a […]

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