Etymology of Technology

Commonly linked and mistakenly limited to the field of computer science (from a physical description for computers to a virtual description of the internet), with reference in the Greek technología associated with tecnológos, formed by téchnē, understanding the idea of art and ability, with roots in the Indo-European *teks-, ‘to build’ (in the same way that this nucleus influences for example, the term ‘architecture’), and lógos, providing a character of science or study. Therefore, technology is the passage through which knowledge and tools for the creation of something useful and functional are encompassed.

To better understand the scope of the term, it is interesting to point out the so-called soft and hard technologies. The former refer to the people who apply the knowledge, as well as to the established protocols of organization and procedure, and the latter responds to the machines and instruments on which we rely in order to perform a specific task. We can observe that the individual himself is indirectly a symbol of technology, manifesting knowledge with to its highest potential; however, he needs elements that allow him to project his thoughts and make them a reality.

Within this context, the computer becomes an extremely useful vehicle, present in multiple fields, capable of bringing together powerful tools that adapt to the user’s capacity; the same graphic design software used by a recognized professional in the film industry can be in the hands of a teenager, however, the latter does not have the experience or training that allows him to obtain the best results.

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