Etymology of Bluetooth

It is a reference to Harald Blatand (king of Denmark in 958, and later king of Norway in 976, given the transformations in the region at that time), a figure that became popular in the English language as Bluetooth, and thus the logo also responds to his initials, in characters called runes on the old Scandinavian alphabet. This advance has its roots in a team formed in 1989 by Ericsson Mobile, in Switzerland, a company that would later be purchased by Sony in 2011, headed by Nils Rydbeck, accompanied by doctor Johan Ullman and engineers Sven Mattisson and Jaap Haartsen. In 1998, a group of companies would be formed with the purpose of forging a standard (with the participation of IBM, Toshiba, Nokia, Intel and the protagonist with whom no one directly associates this innovation, Ericsson), and would present it to the public only in 1999.

Likewise, the reference was given by Jim Kardash, an Intel engineer (who was familiar with Blatand’s story from the book The Long Ships) during the development stage for connectivity between laptops and cell phones, considering that they are normally assigned denominations until a name is made official. The parallel is appreciated in the role that Blatand had in the integration of the peoples of the region, to transfer it to a technological integration protocol. The valuable thing to highlight is the fact that it has been developed so openly because if it were an innovation in the hands of Apple, for example, there would not be universality like the one we currently have, which covers all brands.

The idea and objective of Bluetooth is to make it possible for different devices to connect within a small area, understood at the request of individual practical use, without requiring the Internet; Let’s think that when it was born, there was no accessibility as easy as it is today, but even today if you are traveling in a vehicle you can easily lose your Internet connection, either because you are crossing a bridge or a rural area, and It is in this area where Bluetooth wins and the reason why it continues to be in force, as a useful and necessary solution.

Therefore, it can be understood as a backup to Wi-Fi connectivity (supported by an Internet service), having contexts in which it is more suitable because ultimately, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have two totally different applications.

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