Etymology of Communication

We can observe the influence of the expressions of the medium French communicacion, ‘communication’, from the Latin wordss communicatio, communicatiōnis, built on the noun communis, which refers to “common” in allusion to information of character and public interest, composed by the prefix com-, understanding ‘agreement, union or meeting’, from the Indo-European root *ko, for the action of joining together, and the term munis, in reference to an occupation, duty or function, demonstrating its consistency in words such as ‘municipality’ (municipium in Latin) or ‘community’ (ruled by the Latin word communĭtas), with roots in the Indo-European *mei-, ‘to change’, however, munis is the result of conjugating the Indo-European roots *ko and *moin-, as a suffix of *mei-. The configuration ends with the suffix -tion, which takes the Latin forms -tio, -ōnis, in the sense of action and effect.

Communication is the possibility of transmitting a message, as one of the basics of the human being, developed at different levels, from family for the incorporation of customs and values, academics, which studies how to reach the student, the sociability as a fundamental factor in self-esteem and the construction of personality, until the task of informing led by journalism. On the other hand, not knowing how to communicate causes problems on a personal and professional level, which have repercussions on one’s day-to-day life and on the projects we undertake.

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