Etymology of Unconscious

Found in the French inconscient, being determined by the Latin negation prefix in-, with a root in the Indo-European *ne-, in function of ‘not’, followed by consciens, articulated as the present participle expressed in conscīre, configured by the prefix con-, referring to the concept of ‘gathering’, ‘meeting’ or ‘convergence’, scīre, referring to the knowledge that makes it possible to distinguish, from the verb scindere, interpreted as ‘separating’ or ‘dividing’, at the behest of the Indo-European *skei-, translating to ‘to cut’; using the suffix -ns, depending on the adjective. It is important to clarify that numerous sources confuse the meaning of the prefix in-, because it has an alternative reference that refers to the’ internal’, being applied in certain terms.

Regarding its use, it responds to attitudes or behaviors manifested by an individual who misinterprets, denies or is not capable of processing reality, affecting other people or themselves, contrary to socio-cultural guidelines.

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