Etymology of Sustainability

In its deconstruction, we can appreciate its meaning in the Latin verb sustentāre, which refers to the ideas of to ‘support’, ‘back up’ or ‘care’, translating into ‘to sustain,’ originating in the root of sustinēre, developed from sub-, for ‘below’, and tenēre, by the action of ‘to take’ something; followed by the elements -bili-, as ‘possibility’, and -ty, providing a sense of belonging. It comprises the rational practice of non-renewable natural resources, in pursuit of the planet’s environmental protection, contributing to the balance and health of species and ecosystems. On the other hand, ‘sustainable’ takes the condition of an adjective, referring to the Latin -bĭlis from the suffix -ble, which is expressed this way by the first level interference of the verb ‘to sustain’.

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