Etymology of Larva

Applied in the field of biology, and used popularly to describe the useless behavior of a person, with reference in the Latin larva, understood as the idea of a spectral or spiritual entity, associated to larua, within the Roman mythological stories, which deepens in respect to a diabolic entity that was frequently characterized by the use of a mask, finding reference in the Etruscan, given by the so-called lares, for lar, exploring divinities that protected the family and the area where they lived.

As far as the meaning at the biological level is concerned, it pertains to Carlos Linneo’s works to draw a distinction of basic forms that, in some way, mask a transformation, and it is precisely on this basis of extreme simplicity that he extends it to the social level, as a pejorative adjective, to describe an individual who limits himself to occupying a physical space, who does not contribute nor does anything about society and his own existence.

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