Etymology of Essential and Essence

Essential can be seen in the Latin essentiālis, defined by the suffix -al, which takes the Latin form -ālis, as an agent of belonging, followed by the word essence, given in the Latin as essentĭa, taken as a copy of the Greek ousia, around the idea of the nature or substance of existence, associated with essent-, for esse, interpreted as being, with the Indo-European root *es-, for being, followed by the compound suffix -ntĭa, to determine quality.

It is possible to link the linguistic nuclei around the word presence (seen in Latin as praesentia), omnipresence (given by the Medieval Latin omnipraesentia), present (praesens in Latin), substance (substantia in Latin), or absence (absentia in Latin).

It comprises the distinction of the primary and fundamental components for life to be possible, as well as the search within each person to reveal existential matters. Likewise, it applies to all areas in which a set of minimum necessary requirements is posed.

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