Etymology of Calligraphy

Belonging to the Greek as kalligraphy, exposing the elements kallos, in the sense of ‘beauty’, from the Indo-European root *kal(2)-, for ‘beautiful or pretty’, conjugated with graphein, which refers to writing or engraving, and the suffix – phy, as a quality property.

As such, it is not just a matter of recording or documenting words and/or symbols on a surface, but of working on a harmonious and artistic style that makes it possible to enhance the message. Likewise, it can be observed that, although there are careers to develop good writing from defined models and imitation techniques, beauty is something subjective and each individual determines his own calligraphy that identifies him.

Not having good calligraphy generates a certain amount of rejection, because it sends a signal of indifference and contempt to the person reading it. Within this context, although we do not like to generalize, it is necessary to make an exception for health professionals, who have the habit of writing in a way that nobody understands, to the level of using the expression ‘doctor’s handwriting’ to point out the ugly or unintelligible handwriting of a particular person regardless of their training.

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